Curriculum vitae

Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen b. 1 9 7 4
+358 50 345 6934

Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, textile departement, BA 1997-2002
Häme Polytechnic, Fredrika Wetterhoff Institute of crafts, Polytechnic studies 1993-1995

AV-arkki, the Centre for Finnish Media Art 2019-
The Finnish Association of Textile Artists TEXO 2003-2018
The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo, ART section board member 2008-2009
Cultural Association Eucrea Finland, board member 2005-2017
Finnish Association of People with Mobility Disabilities, women’s working group 2006-2017, chair 2014-2017
Rosette National Association for Women with Disabilities Finnish
Association of osteogenesis imperfecta, board member, family issues 2009-2014
Nurmijärvi Association of People with Mobility Disabilities, board member 2013-2014

Main Group Exhibitions
2023 Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Pehmo/Softy exhibition, 5.11.2022-16.4.2023
2023 Spain, Madrid, CentroCentro and guest room of Lazaro Galdiano, 8th Biennial of Contemporary Art by ONCE Fundación, October 25th 2022 – January 29th 2023
2022 Finland, Fiskars, summer exhibition ”Hidden”
2022 Finland, Espoo, Finnish museum of Horology and Jewelery Kruunu, Minun maailmani
2021 USA, Wingwalker Brewery in Monrovia, CA, Opulent Mobility 2021
2020 Finland, Lappeenranta Art Museum, Nytkäys
2019 USA, New Jersey, Orange, Dora Stern Gallery, Opulent Mobility
2019 Loviisa, TransFolk -festival, Almintalo
2018 Vantaa, Artsi Museo, SUOMI FINLAND 101
2018 Lahti, Galleria Uusi Kipinä, Cismittääkö?
2018 Loviisa, TransFolk -festivaali, Galleria Saltbodan ja pianotuoliperformanssi.
2017 Joensuu, Parafest, Taidekeskus Ahjo, Invisible exhibition -audio work. Work group: Aaltonen Anu, Aaltonen Titta, Vuorimies Risto ja Wallinheimo-Heimonen Jenni-Juulia
2015, Helsinki, O gallery, Stone – paper – Scissors
2014, Helsinki, Kluuvi Shopping Center, Women´s Line, Share a secret campaign -exhibition about violence against women
2013-2014 UK, Shape Open -exhibition, Disability re’assessed. London, Nunnery gallery 10/2013 and Lewisham Art House 03/2014. Leicester, LCB Depot 02/2014
2013 Joensuu, Art Center Ahjo, Culture belongs to us All
2011 Tampere, The Labour Museum Werstas, Absolutely abNormal – the history and present of people with disabilities 2010 Helsinki, Design Museum, The artist of the month, December/09 and January/10
2009 Estonia, Tallinn, Kunstihoone, Animal Collective, curator Sandra Jögeva
2005 Tampere, Verkaranta Cultural Center, Silence
2004 Salo Art Museum Veturitalli, In the Margin
2002 Helsinki, Sanomatalon mediatori, Art of Analyste -review of a competition in visual arts
2001 Jyväskylä Art Museum, exhibition by Finnish Association of Textile Artists, Onni
2001 Helsinki, Design Forum Finland, Kevätkattaus/Spring setting, art works on the table of Helena Hyvönen
2000 Rauma Lace Week, Taiteen Salaisuus/Secret of Art

Main Solo Exhibitions
2022 Visual Artist-in-Residence, part of Nordic Bridges, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto (2nd April – 3rd July).
2019 Mikkelin seutukirjasto, Equal Arts -festival, Disrupting Purity
2019 Switzerland, Zürich, IntegrART -festival
2017 Vantaa, Galleria K, Disability Works for All – disrupting purity
2015 Nurmijärvi, Gallery Toivo, The calf in a glass cabinet and dependent relationships
2014 Helsinki, Gallery Kioski Café, Welcome Anomaly!
2008 Estonia, Tartu, Y-Galerii, Pretty Cripple
2007 Estonia, Tallinn, Puuetega inimeste tegevuse keskus, Pretty Cripple
2007 Helsinki, The old bus station, Pretty Cripple
2006 Helsinki, Finnish Food Safety Authority EVIRA, Animal Diseases
2005 P.R. of China, Hunan University of Technology, I can’t bear it
2005 Helsinki, Culture Center Caisa, Imperfects
2005 Helsinki, Hospital Orton corridors, Avian flu
2003 Finland, Helsinki, Lasipalatsi gallery, I can’t bear it
1999 Helsinki, Stoa gallery, Bread and circuses – Panem et circenses
1996 Poland, Milanowék, Ars Longa gallery, I Never learnt to play the piano

Filmography/Media Arts (screenplay, direct, scenic, costume, film and edit Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen)

When the Dishwasher escaped 2022

2022 Fiskars Summer exhibition Hidden

My Whimsical Resonance 2021 (camera: Rasoul Khorram)
2022 Helsinki, KynnysKINO, screening 4th September
2021 Germany, Berlin, Courage Film Festival, screening 14th December
2021 Canada, Thunder Bay, Vox Popular Media Arts Festival, ONLINE 16.-26. September

Alternative Way of Being Human 2019
2021 Russia, International Film and Video Festival «Catharsis» ONLINE
2021 USA, Texas, Austin, Cinema Touching Disability, Lost Reel show case ONLINE Aug. 17th
2020 USA, San Francisco, Superfest Disability Film Festival, ONLINE Oct. 18th

Reflector of Living Will 2018
2020 Love and Anarchy, Helsinki Film Festival, 26th Sept. Kinopalatsi 7, curator Sepideh Rahaa
2019 Finalist, USA, Los Angeles, Raw Science film festival, screening 25.1.2019
2018 Festival Nuovo Cinema Europa, Lugano, Italy (Robotics day 10.11.2018)
2018 Best Screenplay, Italy, Pisa Robot Film Festival,  screening 27.10.2018
2018 Best Collaborative Robot, Italy, Social Machinery Film Festival, screening 28.7.2018
2018 Semi-Finalist, Switzerland, Lugano, OtherMovie Film Festival, screening 15.4.2018
2018 Finalist, Australia, Sydney, Joy House Film Festival, screening 9.9.2018
2018 Official selection, UK, London, Fastminds Neurodiversity Arts Festival, screening 14.9.2018

Chairwoman 2017
2017 Official selection, Uruguay, Montevideo, Gstaadfilm – International festival for short art films, screening 15.11.2017

Illusionist´s Visions 2016
2017 Helsinki, Dida-festival, screening 3.12.2017
2017 Official selection, Poland, Europejski Festiwal Filmowy INTEGRACJA TY i JA, screening 7.9.2017
2017 Official selection, Brazil, Assim Vivemos, Brazil’s International Disability Film Festival 16.8.–9.10.2017 Screenings: Rio de Janeiro 16.-28.8., Em Brasília 13.-25.9. and São Paulo 27.9.-9.10.2017
2017 Official selection, Canada, Vancouver, Back Alley Artists Night!, screening 8.7.2017
2017 Official selection, France, Cannes, Festival Entr’2 Marches, screening 24.5.2017
2017 Official selection, USA, Show me Justice film festival, University of Central Missouri, screening 7.4.2017
2016 Official selection, USA, WFF San Francisco World Film Festival, screening 26.7.2016

Otherwise you lose street credibility 2016
2017 Official selection, USA Michigan, Grand Rapids Feminist Film Fest, screening 21.10.2017
2017 Official selection, Serbia, Uhvati Film festival -Seize the film- films about disability, screening 18.9.2017

Planting seedlings of wheelchairs 2016
2017 Official selection, India, We Care film festival, UNHCR, screenings spring 2017

Lead of a Limb 2015
2015 Runner Up in Judges Choice Best International Film, Focus on Ability -competition, Australia

2021 Positiivinen ilmiö / Positive phenomenon -recognition from the Nurmijärvi Municipality
2019 State Prize for Multidisciplinary Arts
2016 Konstiniekka, the Culture Prize of Nurmijärvi Municipality
2015 Runner Up in Judges Choice Best International Film -category, Focus on Ability Short Film competition, Australia 2009 Vimma Award from The Treshold Association and Vammaisten koulutuksen ja työllistymisen tuki ry
2008 Norway, 24hour Design Challenge, Best presentation, as a member of the Finnish team
2008 Digitoday, Glory for Blogs, honorary mention for the blog Vammaisen vartalon kuvat
2004 The Uusimaa Art Committee award for participating TARU-project
1998 In the top 10 in Nanso Funtone competition in printed textile design
1992 1. prize in competition in visual arts, Aesthetics of the Cow, curator Miina Äkkijyrkkä
1990 1. prize in a national Bible-theme competition in visual arts

Personal grants
2022-2023 Kone Foundation
2019-2021 Arts Promotion Centre Finland (3 years)
2017 Kone Foundation (full year)
2016 Kone Foundation (full year)
2015 Arts Promotion Centre Finland (full year)
2007 Finnish Cultural Foundation
2006 Finnish Cultural Foundation
2005 Eva and Maija Taimi Trust
2004 Arts Council of Finland, quality subsidy
2003 Greta and William Lehtinen Trust

Writings + works in books
2021 Rehearsing Hospitalities Companion 3, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, toim. Jussi Koitela, Yvonne Billimore 2021 Women, Gender & Research, No.2 (2021), ”Your feet are not your feet”, pp 66-73.
2020 Haapoja & Gustafsson, Nuppukirja: Maallisen elämän käsikirja – Bud Book: Manual for Earthly Living. (4/2020) 2019 Routledge Handbook of Disability Studies 2nd Edition by editors Nick Watson & Simo Vehmas. Cover image.
2019 Sinua on petetty! (articles about feminism) Toim. Arno Kotro ja Maria Ohisalo, LIKE
2015 Uskalla olla, uskalla puhua -work book, Finnish Association of people with Mobility disabilities
2014 Sitten olin vapaa -book about violence against women. Women´s Line, Noon collective
2013 Uskalla olla, uskalla puhua -handbook about violence against women with disabilities. Edit. Minna Piispa. National Institute for Health and Healthcare, cover illustration
2009 Finnish disability policy program for 2010-2015, National Institute for Health and Healthcare, cover illustration 2010 Trendbook, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
2010 Loomakari Animal collective, edit. Sandra Jögeva, AS Folger Art, Estonia
2008 Finnish Association of People with Mobility Disabilities, illustration for book of ethics
2008 TARU II, to be continued… edit. T. Kylänpää & R. Niemi, pub. Multiprint
2004 Toiset meistä / Some of Us, edit. S. Englund & O. Kantokorpi, LIKE
2008 Taikapaperi, pub. Edita 1998, Helsinki

Main lectures / workshops / talks
2021 Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Knowing with(in) Limits, Illusion of Choice, ONLINE 5th May
2019 Switzerland, Zürich, IntegrART -festival 3rd May
2018 UK, Leeds, The Tetley Museum of Contemporary Arts, Animals in Disability Arts
2017 YLE Radio 1, Taiteilijan joulusaarna
2017 Estonia, Narva and Tallinn, The European Accessibility Act – Making full accessibility reality conference, performance
2017 Sweden, Stockholm University, Nordic Network Gender, Body, Health conference, Interrogating Prostheses
2016 Helsinki, Disability Day -festival, Tavastia club
2016 Helsinki, Cultural Equality Forum, Aalto University
2016 Norway, Bergen, Disability, Arts and Health International conference
2016 YLE, Todellisia tarinoita: Jonkun sortin strippaamista. Direction: Päivi Leino, Tiina Luoma and Hannu Karisto. Music: Olli Haapakangas.
2015 Helsinki, Design museum, Creative Mornings Helsinki, Ugly
2014 Sweden, Malmö, Nordisk Forum, How assistive design maintain the low status of disability
2014 Helsinki, Finlandia House, Ministry of Education and Culture, seminar of Access to culture and diversity report 2014 Espoo, Hanasaari, Designing better environment -seminar
2014 Helsinki Art Museum, seminar about accessible artist residencies, Culture for All -service and British Council
2013 Tampere Fair of Assistive Devices, esthetics of assistive equipment
2013 Pori, Mukavammaksi, Disability Culture days
2011 Bosnia Herzegovina, Bosanska Krupa, Landmine Survivors, workshop Anti-Heroes to Super-Heroes
2011 Tampere University, Women’s Culture Days
2011 Helsinki, The Finnish society for Medical Genetics, osteogenesis imperfecta
2009 Estonia, Tallinn, KUMU Art Museum, educational day about cultural accessibility
2008 Estonia, Tallinna University, lecture about disability culture and accessibility in culture events
2007 Sweden, Stockholm, Finnish Embassy, Nordiska handikappolitiska rådet 10-years jubileum
2007 Helsinki, Senaatti-kiinteistöt, Making cultural heritage truly inclusive
2007 Turku, Petrea, Culture as a part of well-being seminar
2006 France, Paris, Culture Institute of Finland, Design for All -seminar
2006 P.R. of China, Zhuzhou, Hunan University of Technology, workshop PDS in Art (broadcasted to YLE TV1 ”Tehtävä Kiinassa”)
2006 Helsinki, Stakes, Design for All -network, Avian Flu and Genderless Garden Gnomes
2006 Turku, Finnish photo therapy association, Disability in photographs
2005 P.R. of China, Zhuzhou, Hunan University of Technology, Romance with the art in the margins
2005 Helsinki, Ateneum, Artists responsibility -seminar, portraits of people with disabilities
2005 Nokia, National Council for the Disabled, educational day
2005 Helsinki, The House of the Estates, Human rights seminar, Women with disabilities
2004 Espoo, Dipoli, Stakes Terve-SOS päivät