Jenni-Juulia is a State Prize awarded multidisciplinary artist whose short film “Reflector of Living Will” won the Best Screenplay at Pisa Robotic Film Festival 2018. Her work deals with structural violence, discrimination framed as kindness and issues related to women with disabilities. She has facilitated social art workshops in Finland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Estonia and China and participated in exhibitions in Finland and abroad. 2022 she was Visual Artist-in-Residency at Harbourfront Centre Toronto as part of Nordic Bridges cultural initiative. 2023 she is a recipient of a grant from KONE Foundation for her project "Hate speech against people with disabilities in social and health care". She has osteogenesis imperfecta as a piquant characteristics. Current: HAM Helsinki, Pehmo -exhibition (until April 16), 8th Biennial of Contemporary Art Fundación ONCE Madrid (until January 29), at CentroCentro and guest room at Lazaro Galdiano.