Be not afraid! Nativity scene

Be not afraid! Nativity scene

Nativity Scene. 2010
Exhibited several times in K-Citymarket Klaukkala.
Short Film. 2:01 min. Subtitles: English & Finnish.

Joseph and Mary were ordinary poor people. Presumably Mary was illiterate. God chose for Jesus a mother who was about 14-year-old, uneducated, unknown, humble and faithful virgin. In theory, Joseph and Mary could have had a disability without an impact on the course of history.

The main characters of this nativity scene have a variety of impairments. Joseph can not run and Mary seated in a wheelchair is not able to see her child, but does it really affect the message?

Disability should not always be seen as a tragedy. Over time, it might even feel like a piquant aspect of life. Perfection is not interesting. Through the cracks the light gets in.

Human rights of people with disabilities do not improve with pity, sympathy, charity, paternalism or over-protection hidden in kindness. The change our history the will, the acts, creativity, money, good laws, authorities protecting human rights, accessibility, work, top design and respect are required. The recognition of our existence with full human rights.

I would like to express my gratitude to Markku Tapio and K-Citymarket for giving me a change to do this nativity scene. Thank you to the church of Nurmijärvi for their support. Thank you for paying attention. I wish you a humane holiday season.