Following the Lead of a Limb

Following the Lead of a Limb

A multi-disciplinary art project. 2015.
Dance performance in a car. Moving Cinema car presenting
a dance video. Performances and textile art works.

Short Film about the project became a ’Runner Up in Judges Choice Best International Film’ -category in Focus on Ability Short Film competition, Australia, 8/2015. 5:07 min. Voice: English & Finnish. Subtitles: English. Starring: Hanna Väätäinen, researcher in dance and music & Riikka Hänninen, singer and a vocal pedagogist.

”My hand was paralyzed as a child when I got a neck fracture in a level crossing accident. My injured hand is the best part of my body. A source of inspiration and pleasure.”

Making of this project in the blog (in Finnish):
Henkilökohtainen rentousvalmentaja aina mukana.
Video Cinema auton liikkeistä.
Video Hannan kädelle ommelluista hihoista.

About the Film (in Finnish):
Potilaan Lääkärilehti 16.7.2015

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