Guide bird

Guide bird

Installation 2017
Genetically suspicious bird, feathers, mannequin, farics, pearls and sequins.

My grand-father had a German Shepherd and Rottweiler as guide dogs. Today, most of the guide dogs are Retreivers. In the United States, miniature ponies are also trained to serve as guide animals for people with visual impairments ( I believe that in the near future, the birds will come to the field of mobility support animals, because the birds have inherently many important features needed in navigation such as great vision, ability to hear infra-sounds and sense of the magnetic field.

Visually impaired people may find the use of guide birds really empowering. Moving with birds can increased the sense of control in life and perspective in casual affairs. Birds vaccinated against avian influenza are accepted in the markets and restaurants.

Accidents of guide bird users will decrease, because the level differences are not a problem for the birds. Like dogs, birds can also calm anxiety and act as emotional support animals ( Like mini-ponies, birds can live outdoors when they are not in work, so they may be suitable for people with allergies. In the wintertime, the guide birds can nest in glazed balconies. Some of the birds also produce eggs that are suitable for human consumption.