Illusionist´s visions

Illusionist´s visions


Magic glove. Performance. Short Film 2015-2016.
5:00 min. Voice: Finnish. Subtitles: English & Finnish. Audio description: English. Voice description: English. Starring: Ronja Oja.

Film is available in English (subtitles, audio description and voice description)
and in French (subtitles, audio description and voice description)
Brazilian Portuguese version is coming in July 2017.

2017 Helsinki, Dida-festival, screening 3.12.2017
2017 Official selection, Poland, Europejski Festiwal Filmowy INTEGRACJA TY i JA, screening 7.9.2017
2017 Official selection, Brazil, Assim Vivemos, Brazil’s International Disability Film Festival 16.8. – 9.10.2017
Screenings also: Rio de Janeiro 16.-28.8., Em Brasília 13.-25.9. ja São Paulo 27.9.-9.10.2017
2017 Vantaa, Galleria K, Disability works for all – disrupting purity -exhibition 21.7.-13.8.2017
2017 Official selection, Canada, Vancouver, Back Alley Artists Night!, screening 8.7.2017
2017 Official selection, France, Cannes, Festival Entr’2 Marches, screening 24.5.2017
2017 Official selection, USA, Show me Justice film festival, University of Central Missouri, screening 7.4.2017
2016 Official selection, USA, WFF San Francisco World Film Festival, screening 26.7.2016

Video from the screening at AMC Mercado, Santa Clara, CA 1:37 min.
Clip from filming in the winter 2016 at Sörnäinen metro station.
Blog post about the film.

Ronja’s dream is to become a sign language interpreter. What makes it a bit challenging is her visual impairment. She would like to specialize in tactile sign language for deaf-blinds or in one-way interpretation in theaters or television. As an athlete with excellent muscular memory, she claims that out of all foreign languages that she has studied, for her sign language has been the easiest to learn.

In 2012, a law (SORA) entered into force in Finland that was intended to prevent persons who might endanger occupational and patient safety (e.g. substance abuse and psychotic symptoms) to access certain areas of education. Unfortunately it has already been used several times to discriminate against persons with disabilities in student selection. Because of the legislation, Ronja is not allowed to get in to interpreter training in Finland.

One of the Ronja’s numerous hobbies is magic. In the film, she walks around in Helsinki with a magic glove, which makes sound upon contact with objects. While walking she tells about the good parts (blind bonuses) of living with visual impairment: ”I can focus on what people let out of their mouth. I don’t need to look for light switches in bathrooms. I can work smoothly in the dark and read under the blanket.”

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