Mother's Christmas - that I would see you

Mother’s Christmas – that I would see you

Installation. Nativity scene. Video note about the process. 2015
1:44 min. Installation is a part of Klaukkala Nativity Scene -project and it was exhibited at the local K-Citymarket in December 2015.

Loneliness. Where are you Christmas? Do you fit in? I haven’t cleaned up.
Mom and dad beside the manger. Bewilderment. I forgot to buy diapers.
When my children’s face ceased shining like that?

Where is Christmas, there is my heart. Wait. I am not ready yet, I will put this one into place.
I prefer
something joyful. Not sad Christmas carols, please!

Did Jesus have biological family, foster family or adoptive parents?
Is it appropriate to give such a gift?

Do I have to choose between love and grief?
This is for you.

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