Form / lomake

Form / lomake

Performance and paper costume 2020
Made for Möykkyklubi 28th Aug. hosted by Nuoren Voiman Liitto at Suvilahti

Costume in Instagram.

Finnish National Pension Fund KELA has a form EV256 that people with disabities should fill out regularly every few years. Regardless of whether the limb has not grown back or vision returned. The form has many wide open-ended questions about imparments, limitations and independence in every day tasks. Since 2015, I have gathered the courage to respond to the questions just like people without disabilities would do. In 2020 I wrapped myself to the dress made of paper forms and did it in performance.

PWD´s have to sell their privacy to get money and services. Instead of recognizing strengths and abilities the society is teaching us to define our precious bodies as a list of faults. Our benefit system is symptom-centric. It doesn´t focus on structural barriers that threaten people’s dreams and well-being. Forms can even be harmful because such a negative way of defining oneself affects the self-image and can make PWD more vulnerable to ill-treatment and abuse.


B) What kind of help do you need to get dressed?
I am very insecure dresser. I went to a color analysis and visited a dressing consultant, but I still ask my hub and kids how do I look? Is this combination OK?

C) What kind of help do you need in eating or cooking?
My hub makes more food than I do. I am not a handy hostess at all. I measure the flour roughly and make cubes, even though the instructions read the blocks. I am afraid to touch the meat for fear of disease. I avoid gluten, sugar, palm oil and E-codes. I don’t always have money for organic.

D) What kind of help do you need in seeing, hearing or speaking?
My family thinks a lot and often. Sometimes even the change of season passes me by. I keep getting feedback that I don’t listen properly and I can’t find my stuff, even if it’s in front of my nose. I still get nervous before public presentations and practice them for a long time, sometimes even in front of a mirror. I would like to be able to verbalize my feelings better and not to raise my voice on unnecessary little things.