Muuten menee katu-uskottavuus - or you loose the street-credibility

Muuten menee katu-uskottavuus – or you loose the street-credibility

Short Film. 2016
6:32 min. Voice: Finnish. Subtitles: Finnish / English.
Key roles: Tuuli ”Helkky” Helle, Outi Ivaska and Vissy Muha
Rap lyrics: Tuuli ”Helkky” Helle

2018 Official selection, Kanada, Montreal, Art Color Digital Cinema International Film Festival, screening 6.4.2018
2017 Official Selection, Kanada, Bluenose Ability Film Festival, BAFF, screening 2.12.2017
2017 Official selection, Yhdysvallat, Michigan, Grand Rapids Feminist Film Fest, screening 21.10.2017
2017 Official selection, Serbia, Film festival -Seize the film- films about disability, screening 18.9.2017

Tuuli Helle is a 83-year-old grandmother, living with cognetic cerebral palsy. 2016 The Finnish government announced that after 2018 it will not any more provide personal assistance for people over 75 years of age.

In the film, Tuuli tells about her childhood and adult life without personal assistance, performs a rap song against financial cuts and writes a letter to Juha Rehula, the Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services.

Column about the film and Tuuli´s life was published in Tulva-magazine 2/2016.

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